The Gift of Forgiveness

Accompanying my dad and grandfather to close our family cottage every October as a teenager was something of a tradition. Taking place usually on a Saturday, the three of us would end the summer in Conneaut Lake, PA by putting up storm windows, draining the hot water tank, and yes, even draining the toilets in … [Read more…]

Being Loved, Just For Who You Are

As a small child, I can remember watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood every morning. For me and millions of other children, Fred Rogers was the best friend we had. But besides the lessons, we received on how to tie our shoes or the many imaginative trips we took to the “Land of Make Believe,” there was … [Read more…]

Seeking Peace, Pursuing It

It was an image that I saw Saturday night on television that seemed long overdue. The image of the New Year’s “ball drop” in New York City officially letting us know that 2016 was over. And it was that image which couldn’t have come any sooner. It goes without saying that 2016 was a divided … [Read more…]