Seeking Justice, Pursuing It

Last week, I found myself working an early morning shift at a local store where I work part time two days a week. During my shift while the store was still closed, I was at the front counter organizing order forms while talking with two of my co-workers. The one co-worker is a young African-American … [Read more…]

Setting The Table Of Hospitality

It was within the final few moments of our free community dinner program that my congregation runs every Wednesday night in our church basement. This community dinner program, which attracts a wide variety of individuals ranging from college students to those with families, is not only a way for people to build relationships with those … [Read more…]

Seeking Peace, Pursuing It

It was an image that I saw Saturday night on television that seemed long overdue. The image of the New Year’s “ball drop” in New York City officially letting us know that 2016 was over. And it was that image which couldn’t have come any sooner. It goes without saying that 2016 was a divided … [Read more…]