Embracing the Unexpected Detours

It was one of the most difficult decisions I had to ever make. After spending a year struggling in the ordination process to become a Presbyterian minister, I came to the conclusion that while I still felt called to be a minister, it wasn’t going to be in the denomination where I had been raised … [Read more…]

A Healing Touch

One of the things that my family is not really known for is giving hugs. While I grew up with two loving parents, expressing it through hugging wasn’t necessarily “our thing.” For me, learning how to give and embrace hugs was something I had to learn how to do in ministry. Particularly since hugging is … [Read more…]

Finding Hope During Anxious Seasons

Recently, I found myself reflecting on experiencing Christmas nine years ago shortly after my mother passed away from lung cancer. It was 2007 and it was a difficult year for me. As a senior in my final year of college, I found myself unsure where my life would be taking me after graduation. At the … [Read more…]