Embracing The Passage of Time

As a small child, I can remember his towering figure, his energetic personality and Irish blue eyes that would light up every time we as his grandchildren would enter into his home. My grandfather, who would run with us in the playground, take us fishing and pretend to eat the worms we were using as … [Read more…]

Rendering Regret, Receiving Redemptive Grace

Lying in a hospital bed, he looked at me sitting across from him. With a pale and sunken face, white hair and dark pupils, he looked at me with confusion even though I softly explained who I was and what I was doing in his room. “Tell…her…I…am…sorry,” he said while gasping for breath. “She needs … [Read more…]

Recapturing The Gift of Christmas

As a child, visiting my grandparents on Christmas Day was special to me. While my grandfather never had many memories of celebrating Christmas as a boy since he grew up in various foster homes, he found ways to make the season joyful for his grandchildren. From the lights decorated on his small home in the … [Read more…]

Embracing the Unexpected Detours

It was one of the most difficult decisions I had to ever make. After spending a year struggling in the ordination process to become a Presbyterian minister, I came to the conclusion that while I still felt called to be a minister, it wasn’t going to be in the denomination where I had been raised … [Read more…]

Receiving A Healing Touch

One of the things that my family is not really known for is giving hugs. While I grew up with two loving parents, expressing it through hugging wasn’t necessarily “our thing.” For me, learning how to give and embrace hugs was something I had to learn how to do in ministry. Particularly since hugging is … [Read more…]