Embracing The Passage of Time

As a small child, I can remember his towering figure, his energetic personality and Irish blue eyes that would light up every time we as his grandchildren would enter into his home. My grandfather, who would run with us in the playground, take us fishing and pretend to eat the worms we were using as … [Read more…]

Savoring The Sweet Spirit

In the hall is where I would find her. Sometimes she would be moping the floor, other times helping fold sheets or pushing a cart of dirty laundry. Yet, whatever the task she was doing, she would always be talking with the other hospital workers ranging from the hospital administrators to those who worked in … [Read more…]

Finding Affirmation, Despite All Doubts

Standing in front of me, I could see my face in the reflection of his aviator sunglasses. Even though we shared the same height, his muscular physique and intimidating posture was enough for me to shake in my poorly laced boots. “Your boot laces are a mess, Lieutenant!” he shouted in a deep voice with … [Read more…]

Being Loved, Just For Who You Are

As a small child, I can remember watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood every morning. For me and millions of other children, Fred Rogers was the best friend we had. But besides the lessons, we received on how to tie our shoes or the many imaginative trips we took to the “Land of Make Believe,” there was … [Read more…]